Glory to Corruption

Sweet is the smile that you get from your fate
Interim pause on the way to the top
Cozily wrapped in a jubilant state
Kleptic and hectic – you can’t really stop

Onward you move to the glittering stars
Fighting an urge on your laurels to rest
Caught in a web that is stronger than bars
Opening up to your mind’s spider nest

Red is the sunset on Bribery Street
Running a business in office or court
Up in your skies, to the down folks you tweet
Pouring your wisdom on those you have bought

Tearing away from the miserable crowd
In for a zillion you’ll go in a while
Over and over, just say it out loud:
No means are bad when you’re up for that smile!

(An acrostic: the first letters of each line spell out the message “SICK OF CORRUPTION”)

Andriy Frolkin
June 2, 2016

Andriy Frolkin

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