Rules of the 4th International Contest “Stop Censorship! Citizens for free countries”:

1. The 4th International Contest “Stop Censorship! Citizens for free countries” is organized by the activists of NGO Centre UA. The contest is independent from any political force. The Contest is an instrument of self-organization of civil society.
2. Web-site of the Contest is
3. The works are accepted for the Contest on the following topics: protection of freedom of speech, access to public information and fighting censorship. In addition, organizers accept works on a special theme, which is defined by the organizers annually. A special topic of the 4th International Contest “Stop Censorship! Citizens for free countries” is  “Corruption is…”.
4. Works are accepted in the following categories: images, texts, poems, slogans, and other formats.
5. Photos, posters, reproduction of paintings and pictures are accepted under the category “Images”.
6. Rhymed literary forms of unlimited length are accepted under the category “Poems”.
7. The short verbal forms, which express the idea, demand or appeal, are accepted under the category “Slogan”.
8. Short prosaic works up to 10 000 signs, which express author’s opinions, are accepted under “Texts” category.
9. Other creative products such as video, musical compositions, plays, photo reportage, sculptures and design works are accepted under “Multimedia” category.
10.  Ukrainian citizens, foreigners and stateless persons, regardless age and education can take part in the Contest.
11.  To participate in the Contest you need to register and upload a work to the web-site.
12.  By participation in the Contest, the author agrees to transfer the rights for non-commercial use of the works to NGO “Centre UA” for the whole period of copyright.  All participants are informed about this condition before uploading their work to the web-site.
13.  Each participant can submit unlimited number of works in different categories, created especially for the contest or earlier if they correspond to the topic of the Contest.
14.  Works are accepted in the following languages: Ukrainian, Russian, English, and the Crimean Tatar language.
15.  Participants should submit only original works. Plagiarism will not be tolerated.
Administration has the right to disqualify a participant for plagiarism.
16.  Works are evaluated by three juries – a jury of experts, an anticorruption activists jury and internet users. The jury of experts and anticorruption activists are formed by organizers of the Contest.
Everyone can become a part of the jury of internet users. One can vote for a work only once.
Organizers have the right to use the support of technical specialists to control fair voting. In case of unfair voting the results of the Contest will be reviewed.
17.  The admission of works is open from April 22 till May 25, 2016, Kyiv time.
18.  Jury of internet users starts working on April 22 and ends on May 30. It means the voting lasts for 5 additional days. At 00:00 Kyiv time organizers counts the number of votes in each category (images, texts, poems, slogans and other). The work that gained the majority of votes becomes the winner in each category.
19.  Partners of the Contest can chose the most consequential work in their opinion, by their will. Their choice will be included into official release of the Contest.
20.  After the end of the Contest the information campaign to promote the winners’ work will start.
21.  Works that violate the laws of Ukraine or copyright, in particular “demotivators”, are not accepted.
22.  Authors submitted a work, containing expletives, agree that such works cannot be used in public space and shared through channels of communication that minors have access to.